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Lishar Publications Ltd. was founded in Israel in 1992 by its general manager, Itzhak Shani, the company has a staff of 15 permanent employees and 20 freelancers. It operates both in Israel and abroad.

What We Do

  • Production of quality magazines, brochures, booklets, and newspaper supplements on a variety of subjects and in numerous languages – including publications for Jewish and Christian target audiences in the United States, Britain, Germany, and France. Services include all stages of production, from research, writing, editing, and proofreading to design, graphic execution, printing, and supervising the printing process

  • Creation of advertisements that are striking, professional, and suited to the customers’ needs – from concept development and copywriting to design and execution

  • Full range of print and broadcast media buying services

Who We Are

  • Top-class writers, copywriters, editors, copy editors, and proofreaders working in several languages

  • Highly creative designers who feel at home with the latest technology

  • Knowledgeable production managers ready to make sure all your publishing and media needs are met

How We Do It So Well
Lishar’s special advantages include:

  • Vast experience in the production of publications for specific target audiences

  • Ability to produce under pressure at a high standard and with full attention to marketing considerations

  • Adherence to demanding deadlines as a normal routine

  • Extensive familiarity and close working relations with printers, advertising venues, and other suppliers in the industry – ensuring preferential prices and excellent results


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